by Emily Dickson Collaborator

Top 10 Practical Essentials Missing from your Foaling Kit

Top 10 Practical Essentials Missing from your Foaling Kit

Published: February 2021 | Updated: February 2024

The long awaited baby foal is about to enter the world and you’re doing everything you can to get prepared. You’ve prepped a perfect foaling stall, you’re watching mama like a hawk, and you’ve got the usual suspects: clean towels, tail wrap, an enema kit. Maybe you’ve even set up a foal watch camera. 

But sometimes the normal foal watch kit just isn’t enough. Do you really have all you need? You might be asking yourself if there’s anything missing from the typical “What do you put in a foaling kit?” checklists. 

Here’s a few things that are easy to forget on the foal kit list that can make the whole experience even more enjoyable (*hint: having the resources on-hand to support the new foal’s GI system is paramount to success). 

  1. Phone charger. Obviously you will have your phone, but if your mare foals in the middle of the night (as they usually do), you don’t want your phone, which you’ve been using all day long, to die on you! Also, make sure you have an extension cord. For some unknown reason, those always seem to be in short supply at the barn. 

  2. Coffee/caffeine. Do we even need to explain this one? 

  3. Sleeping bag/rollaway bed. Listen, you might be watching this mare for a hot minute. You will be in better spirits and more able to make quick decisions when the foal arrives if you’re comfortable and rested. 

  4. Toothbrush. Think about it, you’ll be camping down in the barn all night, off-and-on sleeping. You might not want sweaters on your teeth through the entire ‘monitoring and birthing' process.  

  5. Flashlight. Barns are dark. Mares have foals in the dark. Bring a flashlight or head back to tip #1 and make sure your phone is charged. We can hear you already… “Siri, turn on my flashlight.”  

  6. Thermometer.  Ok, this is a typical foaling kit essential, but we’re putting it on this list because there’s something about thermometers that makes them super easy to lose! Double check your foaling kit contents for this item. It’s important! 

  7. Scissors. Just one of those items that never seems to be there when you need it and you’ll definitely want it in your foaling kit.

  8. Contact info. Hopefully this is already saved in your charged phone, but ensure that you have phone numbers for your vet, owners, barn managers, and any other involved parties. To be extra safe, write it down on a piece of paper, in case of technology failure. Also, give your vet a heads up to let them know that your foal might be on its way. Using foaling indicators can help keep you (and your vet) in the know about your mare’s expected foaling date. 

  9. Twine, paper, and a pen. How many times have you been at the barn when you needed one or all three of these items and they were NOWHERE to be found? They’re always necessary. Just have them on hand. 

  10. FullBucket’s Foal Starter Kit. There’s no better choice when it comes to being prepared for your foal’s arrival. The Foal Starter Kit contains everything your foal needs in the first week of life, from Foal Kick Start to Foal Probiotic Paste, in addition to foaling indicator strips and foal information cards. It is extremely easy to protect your newborn foal’s immune system and microbiome to give them the best opportunity to have a healthy start to life. 

Foal watch is an exciting time! Prepare your foaling kit and take care of yourself so that you can be the best possible breeding manager, horse owner and enthusiast. Most importantly, support the foal’s GI tract with FullBucket’s comprehensive Foal Kit and your new baby horse will be off to the races in no time. 

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