Top 10 Practical Essentials Missing from your Foaling Kit

February, 2024 \ by Emily Dickson Collaborator

Published: February 2021 | Updated: February 2024 The long awaited baby foal is about to enter the world and you’re doing everything you can to get prepared. You’ve prepped a...

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How Long is a Foal's Digestive System a Blank Slate?

February, 2024 \ by Casie Bazay

Published: March 2022 | Updated: February 2024 As many of us know by now, immune health is closely tied to the microbial population within the gut. This is true for...

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Foal Heat in Horses: How to Protect the Newborn Foal

February, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay Collaborator

Published: July 2020 | Updated: February 2023  Foal heat is what we call the first estrus or mare heat cycle after foaling, and it usually begins 6-12 days after the...

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Failure of Passive Transfer in Foals

January, 2023 \ by Emily Dickson

Published: July 2020 | Updated: January 2023 Given world events the last few years, most of us are very familiar with using the word antibody, but do we know exactly...

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Set Up the Newborn Foal’s Immune System for Success

January, 2023 \ by Amanda Bradbery, Ph.D. Collaborator

Published: June 2020 | Updated: January 2023 Key Takeaways: Researchers have discovered that the mare passes her microbiome on to her foal, just like a woman passes it on to...

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Newborn Foals: When Something’s Not Right

February, 2021 \ by Amanda Bradbery, Ph.D.

Key Takeaways: The first things a healthy foal should do are stand and nurse. Foals are particularly at risk of developing diarrhea within the first week or two of life,...

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