Pain Management in Horses

October, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay

There’s no doubt that seeing our horses in pain is distressing. Our first instinct is to do whatever we can to alleviate the pain, however we can. But it’s also...

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How to Manage Equine Inflammation

May, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay Collaborator

Published: August 2020 | Updated: May 2023 When you think about “inflammation”, your first thoughts probably have a negative connotation, but inflammation isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. Rather, inflammation...

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Banamine vs. Bute in Horses: What’s the Difference?

July, 2022 \ by Casie Bazay

Published: October 2020 | Updated: July 2022 Two anti-inflammatory prescription medications many horse owners keep on hand are phenylbutazone (bute) and flunixin meglumine (banamine). But when should these medications be...

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