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If you are truly curious, and willing to invest 39 minutes and 26 seconds to have this discovery revealed to you read on…

Recently, I had the rare chance to have an in-depth lesson from Dr. Keith Latson, DVM, DACVS. If you have never heard of him, be aware. Dr. Keith is THE EQUINE SURGEON flown in when Triple Crown horse owners are desperate. In fact, if you do recognize his name, you’ve been paying attention. He’s the veterinary specialist the TV Networks rely on to give health updates at the Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

If you love your horse, watch now and be fascinated and educated as Dr. Keith explains the secrets of champions.

Stop Supplementing

and start fixing the equine digestive system to improve your horse’s health.

The very best racehorse trainers in the world use a variety of different methods to maximize the performance of their horses in training. 

But they do have one thing in common - and it might surprise you.

Recent scientific research has shown that most performance horses are over supplemented. 

Feed, stool and blood samples from hundreds of racehorses around the country were tested and revealed several important findings:

Most of the horses tested deficient in certain essential nutrients vital to health and energy.

100% of the essential nutrients required for intense training were already in the quality grain and hay.

Adding those missing nutrients with well-known supplement brands had little to no effect.

If the nutrients are in the feed, why are most performance horses deficient in certain essential nutrients? 

And why didn’t the supplements help?

What can a horse owner do if good quality feed and supplements aren’t working?

The answer is amazingly simple. Keep reading.

First, we need to understand the underlying reason this is happening.

Energy Loss and Replacement

Horses under intense training burn more energy.

This requires a higher level of nutrition to sustain health and energy.

So most horse owners use a quality feed and then increase it to large amounts to replace the energy lost.

Most of these feeds contain high levels of starches, sugars, fats and proteins. So far, it makes sense - that should work right? But here’s the rest of the story. 

It starts with how feed is (or is not) digested & absorbed

The horse’s digestive system starts in the mouth, and is systematically completed in the stomach and hindgut. It’s more complicated than that but I’m going to keep this simple.

The stomach breaks down starches, sugars, fats and proteins using digestive enzymes. 

The hindgut comprises over 60% of the entire horse digestive tract. Horses are hindgut fermenters, meaning that the hindgut breaks down plant fiber and any undigested starches via trillions of good bacteria, aka the gut microbiome.  

Relative to a horse’s size, the stomach is quite small.

If too much grain containing sugars and starches is fed at one time, those elements can pass to the hindgut and if too much is passed through, it can cause all kinds of digestive upset and problems. 

The signs may be gas, bloating or weight loss but then escalate to diarrhea, colitis or colic.

So what do the head trainers of super-star, performance equine athletes do?


Athletic Formula is NOT a supplement. Its job is to completely overhaul your horse’s engine, the digestive system.

With an optimized digestive system, your horse can break down feed and absorb all the important nutrients. In other words, Athletic Formula optimizes gut health for horses, so your horse can perform at the highest level. 

So, if you’re a serious competitor and want improved horse health and increased performance, go NOW and buy a 30-day supply completely risk free with FREE SHIPPING and a 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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