How to Wrap a Horse’s Leg

December, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay

Wrapping a horse’s legs may be necessary in several different circumstances including for wounds, injuries, during exercise, or for transport. Though the material(s) you wrap with might be different for...

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The Complete Horse Blanketing Guide

November, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay

Published: November 2022 | Updated: November 2023 When the weather turns cold, we don’t hesitate to grab a coat before heading outside. Humans have limited means of naturally keeping ourselves...

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How to Reduce the Post-Weaning Stress Response in Foals

May, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay

There’s no doubt about it – weaning is a stressful time for foals. In fact, new research shows that weaning is one of the most stressful periods in a horse’s...

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The best management practices for weaning foals

March, 2023 \ by Casie Bazay

Published: July 2021 | Updated: March 2023 Weaning is the process of taking a foal away from its mother and transitioning its core nutrient source from milk over to concentrated...

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3 Tips for Keeping Broodmares Healthy

December, 2022 \ by Amanda Bradbery, Ph.D. Collaborator

Published: May 2020 | Updated: December 2022 Key Takeaways: An ideal horse body condition score of 6 on the 1-to-9 Henneke scale will help your mare conceive and carry. Stay...

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Your Mare's Gut Health Impacts Colostrum Quality for Foals

December, 2022 \ by Casie Bazay Collaborator

Published: July 2020 | Updated: December 2022 The healthier the mare, the healthier the foal; this statement certainly checks out since foals receive their nutrition from the dam. And it...

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