Our Giving Product

We’ve been asked if our U.S. products are the same as the products we give to animals in need and the answer is no they are not. Veterinarians use our domestic line of products in clinics to prevent or assist with digestive problems that can lead to diarrhea associated with antibiotics, stress or colitis. Horse & dog owners and trainers use our probiotic products for animals that are not in their natural environment or are under stressful situations from training, travel or performance.

How is the "Giving" product different than the domestic products? Animals who live in extreme conditions that we see in poor communities suffer from malnutrition, lack of essential elements and basic healthcare neglect. The product we provide is used as a TOOL to engage with the owners about all of these topics. We show them to feed the supplement on corn (maize) or other high energy foods. Currently, these animals do not get enough energy in their diet and this helps increase that chance. We also deomonstrate how caring for these basic needs can extend the life of the animal and provide a better economic situation.

We'd like to thank Dr. Mariano Gil with UNAM for helping us determine these animal's nutritional requirements and Arturo Gallegos with synBios, a Mexican nutritional supplement company and Servipeq to formulate, manufacture and distribute the unique, specially formulated supplements.

FullBucket has three objectives for our one-for-one Giving program:

1) We customize the product for the specific needs of the animals that are receiving them. These regions have supplement needs both culturally and environmentally that are not like those in the US. We worked with local researchers to develop a mix that would be beneficial for these particular animals.

2) We hand deliver the product to the people in need. We do not ship our product to locations for distribution by others. This hands-on approach gives us the ability to learn more about the nutritional needs of these areas and the obstacles for providing it. You will never be more motivated to do and be good as when you see an undernourished donkey lap up mineral from your hands.

3) We are authentic in our intent. Our decisions are based on whether it’s the right thing to do - not always the most profitable or favorable. Being a small company with the founders at the helm, we are able to adhere to our code of ethics at all times.

We do not actively promote our US products while on trips as this would take away from our true purpose of distribution and helping those in need.

Rob & Keith inspect our first batch of Care + Care product in Tlaxcala, Mexico. 4-Tons were given out over 6 days to working donkeys, mules and horses.

Two men reading documents beside shipping boxes.