Early Life

Michael Zeigler, known by his friends and coworkers alike as “Zig”, grew up in Longview, Texas. He has a passion for inspiring others and treating people with respect.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, his business career was shaped by Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie and their insight into business and human behavior gave him the inspiration to take life and work to entirely new heights.

Learning The Ropes

A move to Weatherford, Texas in 1994 had Zig working for the historic Twin V Saunders Cattle Company - the first family to trade cattle at the Fort Worth Stockyards. From 1994 and 1996 he learned the trade of starting colts and working on a top tier cattle ranch.

Taking the incredible lessons learned from Saunders he moved to the prestigious Bluestem Ranch. Helping Bob Kinglsey make his dream of being a cowboy come true. This tenure lasted well over two decades and covered creating a world class facility from the ground up to keeping it in pristine condition. The relationships created and hands on work, appreciation and love of the horse all led Zig to us. 

Doing Good

Zig has been involved in a sales capacity with FullBucket for years due to his relationship with co-founder Dr. Rob Franklin. As of November 2018, he has taken on a full-time role with the company as he brings together the world of animal health and wellness and infuses it with the “win together” attitude that he brings to all of his business relationships. 

He also completed his first Giving Trip with FullBucket in November of 2018 when the team headed to Guatemala to perform free veterinary work and coordinate a community outreach for subsistence coffee farmers in the region. These trips fill his bucket of staying sharp by sharpening others.

As evident by this quote - Zig is 100% an all in guy who understands the role of - we are better by helping others, and going alone on this journey is not near as fulfilling as going together. 

“Growing up in sports, I learned how important it is to have a great team behind you. Being surrounded by such committed people who are passionate about business as a force for good in the world is one of the things that I love most about FullBucket.”