Keith Latson, DVM, DAVCS

Early Life

Keith was born at Fort Hood, Texas, to a career military officer and healthcare educator. He spent his childhood moving from one corner of the United States to another, with a few years of European and Hawaiian living scattered in.

Keith was introduced to equine veterinarian work at Fort Monmouth, NJ, when his cub scout pack visited the barn area of Monmouth Park.

The unbelievable athletic presence of the Thoroughbred racehorses stuck with Keith through childhood, looking forward each May to the Kentucky Derby telecast. After completing high school in Georgia, Keith returned to Texas for undergraduate studies at Texas A&M, where several influential friendships were developed.

Learning The Ropes

Dr Latson was introduced to Dr. Ken Reed, a renowned equine veterinarian specializing in racing Thoroughbreds. Dr. Reed offered Keith a position as his veterinary assistant, spawning a long working relationship between the two and forming the foundation for Dr. Latson’s veterinary career.

Dr. Rob Franklin was Keith’s fraternity brother at Texas A&M and, with a common goal of becoming equine veterinarians, the two had always talked of developing a veterinary practice or similar business - who knew it would someday grow into FullBucket?

Dr. Latson graduated from Texas A&M University’s College of veterinary medicine in 2001. Following graduation, he completed a one-year internship at Littleton Large Animal Clinic (now known as Littleton Equine Medical Center). Under the mentorship of Dr. Shane Miller during internship, Keith was encouraged to pursue surgical specialty training at University of California, Davis.

Doing Good

Dr. Latson was awarded for his research on preoperative assessment of horses with colic during his surgical residency at UC Davis and passed the gruelling 2-day examination to become a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2006.

Following surgical training, Dr. Latson and his family moved to Los Angeles, where Keith has worked with some of the most celebrated racehorses in the last decade. His current practice focuses on lameness, upper respiratory and orthopedic surgery in racing Thoroughbreds.

Keith traveled, hiked, camped and snow-skid extensively throughout the US and Germany while growing up and still pursues the same passions with his wife, Kris, a small animal veterinarian, and son, Bridger (named after the Bridger mountains in Montana).

“My first day as a veterinary assistant at a racetrack, I laid eyes on a horse and was taken in by the majesty and grace of the animal. I knew I wanted to devote my life to caring for them and learning as much about them as possible. That belief in proper care and constant thirst for knowledge is reflected in our ethos here at FullBucket.”