Calie Turley

Early Life

Calie Turley's introduction to the rodeo world ignited her deep passion and affinity for horses. Her journey led her to compete in rodeo at the collegiate level for Tarleton State University. Following her graduation in 2015, she embarked on a career in Equine Therapy, tending to high-performance horses in disciplines such as cutting, reining, and cow horse. After five years in this field, her interest shifted towards videography, culminating in the establishment of her own successful business in this domain.

Learning The Ropes

Calie soon became renowned for her ability to capture the raw beauty and dynamic energy of the western world through her lens. Her videos not only showcased the grace and power of the horses but also highlighted the dedication and passion of their riders. Each project she undertook was a testament to her unique perspective and deep understanding of the equestrian lifestyle.

Doing Good

Whether behind the camera or in the arena, Calie's love for horses and storytelling continued to drive her, solidifying her place as a beloved figure in both the equine and videography communities.