Amanda Bradbery, PhD

Early Life

Amanda grew up in Chester, VA where she showed hunter horses and worked for local barns to help pay for training and horse show entry fees.  This is where she grew a passion for learning about management and nutrition programs.

Learning The Ropes

Amanda received her Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech in 2012 in Animal and Poultry Science. Upon graduation, she remained in Blacksburg, VA as Supervisor of the equestrian facility and Riding Instructor for the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at Virginia Tech.

In the spring of 2013, Amanda moved to Texas to pursue her graduate career. She received her Master of Science in Animal Science in 2014 with a focus on nutritional mitigation of joint inflammation and maintenance of cartilage integrity.

Amanda continued on to pursue a doctoral degree in the same field following completion of her Master’s. She received a PhD in Animal Science with a focus in Animal Nutrition in 2019. Her research focuses on optimizing nutrition during pregnancy to prevent metabolic disorders during offspring performance years. She has also performed significant research in basic nutrient digestibility, prebiotic influence on adaptive immune response, and bioavailability of chelated minerals with their effect on joint inflammation. She is now an Assistant Professor in Bozeman for Montana State University.

Doing Good

Amanda joined FullBucket as a Nutritionist in January 2019. Her goal is to improve animal health by optimizing nutritional programs and developing nutraceuticals to aid in nutrient availability and overall animal performance.

“My passion is improving and maintaining animal health through nutritional programs. When veterinarians and nutritionists work together, it’s an unstoppable force in animal health and performance. With FullBucket, the Giving Program makes it all the more rewarding!”