4 ways to protect your pooch’s gut with dog probiotic treats

Protecting your dog’s digestive tract doesn’t need to be a challenge. Here are four easy ways to use probiotic dog treats at every stage of life and prime your dog’s gut microbiome for success. 

  • When they are growing up

  • You have been thinking about this moment for weeks, and maybe even months: you finally get to bring your new puppy home! This is such an exciting time for your little family; warm snuggles, the smell of puppy breath, the absolute preciousness of a puppy playing with new toys and getting zoomies for the first time! You know this puppy stage won’t last for long, so you want to soak it all in and enjoy every moment. 

    But this joy may be dampened by concern about your puppy’s health. 

    Puppies don’t have fully developed digestive or immune systems just yet, so many owners are concerned their new furry friend may not be feeling 100% and are cautious about being able to take puppies to new places and letting them around other dogs in fear that they may become sick. 

    Worry no more! FullBucket’s Puppy Probiotic Paste is the only formula developed especially for puppies. It can help support their digestive health so they can grow big & strong and can help combat diseases such as parvovirus or other digestive diseases. This yummy probiotic for puppies can be utilized alongside proper vaccination and vet visits to give your puppy a head-start on their lifelong health.

  • Everyday

  • Your dog is full grown and an integral part of your family! They are by your side through the good and the bad to bring a smile to your face. You want to do everything you can to keep your furry best friend happy and feeling their absolute best. 

    Just one scoop of FullBucket’s Daily Dog in every meal can help to optimize your dog’s digestion, immunity, and overall health! This is a great option for dogs who may have frequent runny poop, active dogs, dogs who travel, dogs who are stressed and dogs who are beginning to age. 

    Daily Dog can help to improve digestion which promotes food absorption (read: they get more out of their everyday food, and you get more for your money!) and boosts their immune system. This all-natural canine probiotic formula will help improve your dog’s quality of life and help you have more years with them by your side.

  • In urgent care situations

  • Your usually happy-go-lucky dog is suddenly not. They obviously do not feel like their normal selves and you notice that they have diarrhea (or the opposite, they haven’t pooped in a while), appear bloated and gassy with an upset stomach, and just seem overall uncomfortable. 

    These could mean that something isn’t working right with your dog’s digestive system and may be a sign of underlying problems that need to be fixed. 

    But there’s good news! FullBucket’s Dog Probiotic Paste for Urgent Care is to the rescue! This effective probiotic paste for dogs is highly concentrated to deliver the good bacteria your pooch needs quickly. 

    This probiotic can help boost and support the beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut microbiome, defend from the bad bacteria, and get your dog’s digestive system working properly again. The Dog Probiotic Paste for Urgent Care can help get your pup back to comfortable and healthy in no time!

  • In times of severe stress

  • It’s every owner’s worst nightmare: toxins or pathogens in your dog’s digestive system accompanied by severe diarrhea, gas, vomiting, lethargy, and general discomfort. You need to get your pup some help, and FAST. 

    Don’t feel like you are helpless! FullBucket’s Canine ADD Bioclay Plus Paste is a concentrated probiotic dog treat that contains bio-adsorbent smectite clay. 

    This clay can aid in the removal of pathogens from the body by adsorbing them (sticking to them) in the digestive tract before they can be absorbed further into the body. 

    In combination with the probiotics and digestive enzymes, this can help combat GI damage and restore the gut to its normal function. This all-natural probiotic for dogs can help clear their digestive system of harmful compounds and provides a solution for a distressed gut, while helping to re-establish healthy bacteria in the gut.

     As you can see, there are many ways to support your dog’s gut health at every stage of life. By focusing on supporting the beneficial gut microbes over your dog’s lifetime, you are ensuring their health in a whole new way.