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The “Secret Sauce” of Racehorses May Give an Unfair Advantage At Barrel Racing Futurities

The “Secret Sauce” of Racehorses May Give an Unfair Advantage At Barrel Racing Futurities

As horse owners and trainers, we know firsthand how the winter is hard on performance horses.

Horses in extreme cold weather experience more stress than in any other season. When temperatures drop and wet conditions increase, demands on the barrel horse’s body skyrocket as it ramps up heat production. Spending more time in stalls and away from fresh pasture further increases stress levels.

Training Barrel Racing Horses: Don't Give Up the Speed!

Combined, these demands cause your barrel horse to run slower. Though you may not “feel” a change in speed, precious tenths are lost. This small change could drastically impact your scores. 

Fortunately, your competitors are experiencing the same disadvantages brought about by the cold-weather season – or maybe they’re not.

A few select racers in barrel horse world recently learned about a specially-formulated racehorse supplement. In addition to helping maintain body condition and energy levels, this product has also been shown to improve performance output by 20% to 30%!

This product is used by the top 20 equine sports medicine clinics and racehorse veterinarians in the U.S.

This improvement provides a great advantage during the winter barrel racing futurities. 

With the winter series in full swing, most horses are off their normal diet and exercise routines.  

High performance barrel horses require an immense amount of energy regardless of the season, but winter is by far the most challenging. During strenuous times, we increase the feed in both quantity and quality.

We call it HOT feed.

It’s running high-octane fuel in a race car engine.

If horses were race cars, the hindgut would be the engine.

You see, horses have a very unique digestive system. They have a stomach like humans, but, unlike humans, they have a big chamber in the back called the “hindgut.” Hence, horses are called hindgut fermenters.

The horse’s digestive tract is unique in that it digests parts of its feed in the foregut with enzymes and then ferments the rest in the hindgut (home to a biological “soup” called the microbiome). 

The hindgut contains literally TRILLIONS of different types of microbes such as bacteria and yeast. This microbial soup is responsible for the digestion of feed.

The horse’s hindgut turns feed into FUEL!

Athletic Formula is a Fuel Additive for the Hindgut Engine

A weak hindgut equals weak fuel.

A horse with a perfect microbiome that is grazing on open pastures with good grass has the ability to extract 80+% of the nutrients out of their feed.

Performance horses kept in stalls, hauled to events, training, and fed hot feeds lose a large portion of their ability to extract the necessary nutrients. Many will DECREASE by an estimated average of 70% to 80%!  

This decreased ability to turn expensive feed into fuel means that your horse is running slower than he naturally could if his gut was optimized. Not to mention, the door to a myriad of other health issues has opened.

Human athletes have been using special formulations of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and vitamins to improve digestive health over the last decade.

The top equine sports medicine clinics in the U.S. only recently began to study and use similar principles for improving racehorse performance with specially-formulated, all-natural, nutritional supplements.

You want to fight the bad microbes and help the good ones thrive. High concentrations of probiotics and prebiotics can be especially helpful for horses with digestive issues that inevitably hammer your horse’s ability to run at maximum speed during the stressful winter months.

Cooler weather, changes in an exercise regimen and different eating habits, including a reduction in natural grazing, are all concerns. At the minimum, these things can lead to slower reactions and speed; at most, they set the stage for dehydration and subsequent colic in sensitive horses.

"A common wintertime equine health concern is colic," notes Dr. Glennon Mays, Clinical Associate Professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences." Colic is a symptom of abdominal pain and can take the form of digestive problems, intestinal blockage or a twisted intestine, among other possibilities.

If you want to improve digestion and reduce the chances of colic, you’ll really want to take a hard look at these formulas  – just like hundreds of performance horse veterinarians have done.

These formulas aid in the breakdown and fermentation of feed and improve the absorption of nutrients, including water.

Many performance horses have a history of stress that can worsen with cooler weather, lack of exercise, stable confinement and an altered feeding schedule.

But if you improve your horse’s ability to utilize those key nutrients by adding a performance supplement to his diet, you have the potential to increase energy and vitality, reduce inflammation, ward off problems and decrease run times.

Protecting your horse’s immune system can also be difficult during the winter months when nutrient-rich grass is no longer available and horse owners must rely on increasing grain and hay percentages to keep their animals healthy and up-to-weight.

So what’s The Formula?

Racetrack veterinarians, along with some of the most well-known equine sports medicine clinics and speed horse trainers, have turned to FullBucket Animal Health for a great advantage.

FullBucket Athletic Formula is a specially-formulated supplement developed by two equine veterinarians for use in performance horses racing at the highest levels.

They focused on two distinct areas of need:

  • Racehorses needing intense bursts of speed while remaining mentally calm;
  • Reining, jumping and cutting horses needing to keep their stamina at peak for as long as possible.

The results? Well…

  • Most of the top equine specialty clinics use FullBucket on a daily basis;
  • The top equine veterinary specialists use FullBucket;
  • The top veterinary universities with an emphasis on equine studies use FullBucket in their teaching protocols;
  • Some of the most famous performance and racehorse trainers in the U.S. are their biggest customers.

Adding FullBucket’s Athletic Formula to your daily performance horse feed program can help your horses break down proteins, starches, fiber, fats and sugars for better food digestion.

Why is FullBucket different from other performance horse supplements on the market?

The FullBucket co-founders felt that too many of the prominent supplements on the market use less than desired tactics and formulations, including:

  • Not disclosing the ingredients, most often because their effects have not been scientifically-validated by a third party.
  • Label Dressing, or adding a lot of ingredients in small amounts, not enough for large performance horses to receive any benefit. 
  • Using unproven ingredients that lack clinical research to support their claims.

So the FullBucket veterinarians analyzed the human athlete market  - the most researched market available - to find answers. They combined their knowledge, gained from working in the barns and on the track, with the brainpower of Texas A&M’s top nutritionist, to formulate supplements specifically for performance horses.

How do you improve performance?

There are several steps you can take to protect and improve the performance of your barrel horses:

  • Adjust your feeding program to meet your horse’s increased needs during the winter season.
  • Improve your horse’s ability to extract essential nutrients from your winter feeding program by optimizing the gut’s digestive system (engine).
  • Give a boost to your performance horse’s internal immune system by strengthening the balance of the flora in favor of good microbes.

FullBucket has developed a complete program for speed horses under stress: 

  • Athletic Formula is for the speed horse. This contains the strongest concentration and combination of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals for high-performance horses with increased nutritional needs from training and travel stress.
  • Probiotic Granules or Paste provides the fastest way to get your horse’s gut back in order. With 100 Billion CFUs of essential probiotics proven to help immune system functionality, this product also includes prebiotics that feed the good microbes as well as L-Glutamine for gut lining health. Triple Crown racehorse trainers use Probiotic Granules or Paste to keep their best prospects healthy and thriving. 
  • Medical Muscle (Super Antioxidant) The key ingredient in MM is a patented formula antioxidant that is 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C! Medical Muscle was initially developed to support horses that tie up. However, evidence has shown that the patented formulation in this product provides improved muscle endurance. The main active ingredient, an extract from red algae plants, is the same that gives salmon the ability to swim upstream for spawning, a strenuous and formidable task. 

100% money-back guarantee

FullBucket is fully committed to the health of your horses, and with full confidence in their formulations,  if you are not completely satisfied with FullBucket products, you can return any unused portion and receive 100% of your money back – no questions asked!

Check out the horse page to view the complete line of game-changing supplements! 

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