by Emily Dickson

Ceri Ward Joins the FullBucket Equine Ambassador Team

Ceri Ward Joins the FullBucket Equine Ambassador Team


[DENNIS, TX] – Ceri Ward knows horses. As the 2009 National High School Rodeo Association National Champion with her horse Ms. Patricia, Ceri knows what it takes to make a successful champion at a deeply personal level.

Based out of Woodward, Oklahoma, Ceri’s career has continued in barrel racing futurities and breakaway roping competitions across the Western U.S. She also trains between 18 to 22 horses at any given time.

She started competing and training horses at a young age with her mom and notes, “We always trained our own horses, so it is basically the only way I have ever known.”

While Ceri looks closely at a horse’s pedigree and conformation before adding them to her athletic team, she also credits nutrition as one of her secret weapons. 

“I never leave home without my favorite bit and FullBucket Equine Probiotic Pellets.” 

Ceri joined the FullBucket equine ambassador team after using the probiotic pellets and experiencing incredible results for her program.

“I train and haul a barn full of futurity colts ages 3-5. This is a hard time in a colt’s life. We ask them to be elite athletes while they are still babies, and that puts a lot of stress on them. The FullBucket Equine Probiotic Pellets are the first product I have fed that have created noticeable differences in every single one of my horses. 

I have multiple colts that NEVER ate well on and off the road. After starting FullBucket probiotics, all of these guys clean their feed up right away! This Guys No Angel won the Patriot Open after starting his FullBucket regimen. He doesn’t stress when hauled and is running harder than ever. To top it off his overall physical appearance has improved!”

 In 2022, Ceri is most excited about one of her futurity colts. “I had an injury that caused him to have a late start, but I can feel that he is just coming up now and is going to raise some eyebrows.” 

Ceri has many rodeos on her calendar this spring and summer. One of her favorite events of the year is the Pink Buckle and the BFA. “The payout at the Pink Buckle is next to none, but the BFA is the beginning for some colts and the end for others, so it’s bittersweet.” 

Joining the FullBucket ambassador team is reserved for only the most conscientious horse trainers. “Ceri’s commitment to her horses’ health and performance is truly unmatched,” says FullBucket co-founder and equine veterinarian Dr. Keith Latson. “It is clear that she is determined to do the best she can for every horse in her barn. We are proud to have her join the FullBucket team.”

We all know that success with horses is linked to every part of management, from their mental wellbeing to their physical and digestive health, but Ceri has seen a significant difference in her horses’ performance after starting the FullBucket probiotics. 

“I have been using the FullBucket probiotic paste and daily equine probiotic pellets. I have struggled with finding a product that I actually believed in and was thrilled that I could actually see a difference with FullBucket! My horses have won over $40k just in the last few months since being on the daily pellets and paste pre-run!”

We will for sure have our eyes on Ceri and her program this summer and look forward to watching her horses become the champions they are raised to be.

You can follow Ceri’s journey here

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