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Bracelets Handmade With Love

These beautiful, Guatemalan bracelets are hand-made by our friend, Cruz David Tzina Sosof (David) and his family who are of Mayan decent.

"I was a child of many dreams, but I saw a life full of sadness and hunger. Not having a Father was hard, but over the course of life, I overcame. I consider myself a warrior of life. I wish to be a leader in whatever." - Cruz David

Growing up on the streets of Panajachel, he sold handmade items, shined shoes and guided tourists to help feed himself. 

We first met "David" working at our hotel in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2015.

We immediately noticed something special about this human - and over time, as our relationship with David has grown, we realize just how right we were.

David has strived to rise above his situation by learning English, working several jobs and learning business by creating connections with foreign travelers - like us.

The most impressive chapter of his story is how he "Gives Back" to the community and people he loves.

David started an ongoing, program to clean the shorelines of Lake Atitlan.  This amazing body of water is formed at the base of 3 active volcanoes. 

We can all learn about Being Good & Doing Good from David. 

Purchase his bracelets and help David continue his life journey...

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