Veterinary Clinics:

Rood & Riddle


Littleton Equine Medical Center

Adena Springs

University of Florida

Peterson & Smith

6666 Ranch


Weatherford Equine

Mid-Atlantic Equine

Weems & Stephens

La Mesa Performance Horse Mobile Practice



Peter Morresey: medicine specialist,

Rood and Riddle Rodney Belgrave: medicine specialist,

Mid Atlantic Fairfield Bain: Medicine specialist,

ESMS Weatherford Carol Clark: Medicine specialist,

Peterson & Smith Robert Barber: Show horse veterinarian,

Laurel Lane Equine, Florida, Vermont, Virginia, etc.

Rob MacKay,

Nathan Slovis,

John Janicek

Alan Donnell


Trainers, Owners and Managers:

Karen Herbst- Cinderella Roping Horses

Eric Hamelback- Farm Manager, Adena Springs,

Ky Bob Kingsley- Radio Personality, Weatherford

Lindy Burch- NCHA Hall of Fame, Weatherford

Larry Benavidez, Assistant Trainer for John Sadler


Customer Testimonials

"Gut health is constantly challenged by disease causing bacteria, viruses and daily management changes. Left unchecked, these can cause diarrhea or allow it to persist following infection, feed changes or antibiotic usage. Maintaining a favorable population of organisms in the horse's gut is our best defense. FullBucket is my first choice for my patients, combining the proven benefits of the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii and MOS."

Dr. Peter Morresey,BVSc, MACVSc, Dip. ACT, Dip. ACVIM Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Dept. of Internal Medicine

"Finally, here is a probiotic/intestinal health product with significant science behind it – with the best combination of ingredients for protecting the intestinal tract and aiding in epithelial recovery from injury. I have really been pleased with its performance in our post-operative patients and those ‘at-risk’ for illness-related or antimicrobial-related diarrhea."

Dr. Fairfield Bain, DVM, MBA, Dip. ACVIM, ACVP, ACVECC

"I got the FullBucket Equine Digestive Care Probiotic on Friday and on Monday night had an emergency diarrhea. A 4-year-old mare had diarrhea for 3 days and was depressed and not eating with very watery diarrhea, tail soaking, squirted several times while we were there; no fever and otherwise PE WNL. I tubed her with Diarrhea Drench and started FullBucket. The next morning she was much more BAR, eating, borborygmi had quieted, and only one diarrhea spray mark on the stall. Tubed her one more time and dispensed the full 5 day course of FullBucket. Wednesday morning we got a cowpie, feeling even better. I just ordered more FullBucket and am really glad I had it!"

Dr. Aubrey A. Berridge, DVM Berridge & Smith Equine Medical Service Milan, IL/Eldridge, IA

"Cinderella Horses is a firm believe in FullBucket probiotics for supporting a healthy immune system, improving digestive health, increasing energy & stamina & reducing GI problems in our horses. We ask a lot of our rope horses, they travel a lot and are exposed to a lot. FullBucket is one of our weapons at home and on the road!"

Karen Herbst – Cinderella Performance Rope Horses (Karen is the owner of Cinderella Rope Horses. Likely to be the premier rope horse stable in the US. She had an NFR rope horse named “Boo” that developed severe Salmonella colitis. I treated him and got him over the colitis but he foundered severely. She has spent over $100k on this horse and he is still lame. He will never rope another calf again. Karen mounts the best ropers in the world. Her job is to develop the best horses, keep them sound and healthy and have them ready for the cowboys at the big rodeos. These horses take years, often decades to develop. She said they're not ready til they can vote! Seriously, 18 years is a longtime to get ready for Vegas!

Its paramount that Karen doesn't see Salmonella again. An ounce of FullBucket prevention is standing between her horses and a repeat of Boo's tragedy.)

"My horse is responding wonderfully to your FullBucket Probiotic! She had quite a GI insult from stressful shipping, then got kicked and was on antibiotics. 3 days into that I found her colicing and 2 days later we scoped and found ulcers. I did use another probiotic post antibiotics, but it clearly didn't do the job. I have been so pleased with your product. Three days after I started, she was about 90% normal. I'm very pleased with how quickly she responded and will continue to use this probiotic for sure!" Cheers,

Jennifer Mohler