Early Life

Her love for animals started at a young age, growing up with dogs and cats. Like many members of the Full Bucket team she became passionate about horses and her father’s purchase of a standardbred helped give Maggie an up close and personal view of the importance of equine health on performance and quality of life.

Learning The Ropes

Maggie Barla is one of the most recent additions to the Full Bucket Team bringing a wealth of experience to the table and makes an impact on marketing efforts, business development and project management. A mother of two boys, she grew up in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area but relocated to Idaho in pursuit of fresh air and beauty in the Pacific Northwest.

Doing Good

While living in Pennsylvania, Maggie spent several years volunteering to teach science education to underprivileged youth while also helping inner city students learn about the importance of marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship. She was also active with the Girl Scouts.

“One of the reasons why I joined FullBucket was knowing that I could help animals and people at the same time. Being a part of this team - a team doing big things to help the world - is something I’m very thankful for.”