Lorinda Van Newkirk


Lorinda Van Newkirk

Weatherford, Texas

Horses: Hansma Summer Done, Gatlin Boonsmal, Lucky Lady

About Me: Hi from Weatherford. I have been involved in rodeo and barrel racing since I was 5 years old. My family operates a ranch and livestock auction business in Pamento, California.

I am an entreprenuer who has been involved in several businesses such as Van Glow Jewels, Gypsy Soule (yes that Gypsy Soule) and now the Podcast Women in Rodeo.

I heard about FullBucket from a friend and tried it on my favorite mare. I can’t say the changes were apparant at first but after a month of use I noticed the changes. She is looking and feeling better than she ever has and we have improved our times over the past few months.

My Favorite Fullbucket Product

Athletic Formula

This is a daily use supplement you mix into your grain or pour it over hay. It has the highest concentration of the best probiotics, prebiotic and enzymes as well as ONLY the essential vitamins/minerals that some horses fall deficient on.

Reason I Like Athletic Formula is not like any other supplement that barrel racers use. Instead of trying to shove all kinds of man-made nutrients in a scoop, AF was designed to make my horse’s engine (his gut) run better. This gives him energy, keeps his mind right and reduces colic and ulcers.

Other Fullbucket Products

Probiotic Granules

Use for horses that are higher risk, have had colic or ulcers in the past or older horses with watery poop. Alfalfa or Rice Bran flavors.

Probiotic Paste

If your horse has active diarrhea reach for this. It’s fast and the paste makes sure your horse gets all of it. This is the #1 product used by vets around the US and Dubai.

Dog Probiotic

Almost all of my friends also have dogs. FullBucket is the top dog digestion supplement on the market.