Foal Supplement for 2-30 Day Care


This is a FOAL Super Product. No other product combines FIVE effective Foal GI health products into ONE:

1 - Lactobacillus rhamnosus

2 - Saccharomyces boulardii

3 - L-glutamine

4 - Lactase

5 - Egg Immunoglobulins - Derived from hyperimmunized hens using the following antigens: E. Coli, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Salmonella, Clostridium and Lawsonia.

These microorganisms were chosen for their unique, research proven effects. Concentrations are appropriate for a foal - we contain MORE concentrations in our foal strength than 99% of our competitors’ adult strength probiotics.

Rob Franklin, DVM, DACVIM demonstrates the Foal Probiotic ingredients and uses.

[NOTE: If you are a veterinarian, please contact your distributor rep for pricing and orders. If you are a horse owner, please contact your local veterinarian.] Are you dealing with foal diarrhea outbreaks either in your clinic or customer’s farm? FullBucket's Foal Probiotic is for those veterinarians looking for a scientifically developed Probiotic designed specifically for young foals with or at risk of getting diarrhea.

Are you frustrated with having to use a variety of products or concoctions to manage and control the outbreaks?

I know I was. As an Internal Medicine specialist and head of three equine Neonatal ICUs, I’ve had to deal with thousands of foal diarrhea cases that were a result of exposure to E. Coli, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Salmonella and Clostridium spp. These life-threatening pathogens transfer at lighting speed and quickly become a clinical nightmare for horse owners and veterinarians. After much research, field experimentation and testing, we finally developed an answer to managing these problems from a natural standpoint - the FullBucket Foal Probiotic is stacked with billions of probiotics, Immunoglobulins, Lactase, Prebiotics and L-Glutamine.

When combined with veterinary directed anti-microbial therapy, disinfection and anti-diarrheal treatments, FullBucket Foal Probiotic takes, what was a stab in the dark, to a finely tuned, multi-faceted approach to combating infectious disease. We didn’t get it out in time for everyone’s busy season last year, but the high profile equine practices and farms that had the chance to give it a test trial came back with better than expected results.

If you are dealing with foal diarrhea and want to get a handle on it quickly the FullBucket Foal Probiotic is a complete product that is easy to use because of the dial-a-dose syringe, and delivers a quick response to diarrhea. I like to use the FullBucket Foal Probiotic once the gut has closed (12-18 hrs) through the first 30 to 45 days. If they show any signs of problems after this, foals can be treated with our regular FullBucket Probiotic Paste.


To assist with digestion and stabilization of the foal's Gut. Infectious disease outbreak causing diarrhea, often bloody, in very young foals - Prophylactic treatment using 1/2 tube by mouth twice a day for the first week of life starting after the gut is closed. Isolated cases of neonatal diarrhea - <30 days 1/2 tube by mouth twice daily, >30 days 1 tube by mouth twice daily during diarrhea and for 5 days after to stabilize the gut.

Franklin's additional notes on neonatal diarrhea outbreaks:

• Always try and determine if a specific pathogen is at play. I routinely use a "Diarrhea PCR Panel" such as the one by IDEXX. This test has a rapid turnaround time and is affordable.

• Sick neonates need potent broad-spectrum antibiotics. I always recommend administering antibiotics early. Parenteral > Enteral.

• Fluid therapy- stay ahead of the game. Monitor urination (clear, voluminous is the norm) and mucous membrane moisture for a rough estimate of hydration. Keep them wet with isotonic fluids.

• Insure passive transfer is acceptable. I will also even load foals with additional hyperimmune plasma if a farm is having a particularly rough go with diarrhea in their neonates, regardless of acceptable transfer status.

Formulation Details:

• Probiotics – The two most well researched strains of organisms, L. rhamnosus & S. boulardii, delivering specific actions towards Rotavirus, C. difficile, C. perfringens & Salmonella.

• Egg Immunoglobulins – Derived from hyperimmunized hens using the following antigens: E. Coli, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Salmonella, Clostridium and Lawsonia.

• Lactase – Assists with digestion of lactose, especially as villous tips are injured in most cases of neonatal enteritis.

• Prebiotics – MOS has been shown to improve gastrointestinal health by reducing the risk of pathogen colonization in the intestinal tract and by intensely stimulating the local immune system (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue).

• L-Glutamine – Provides nutrition to enterocytes.

• Dial-a-Dose Syringe - Easy to administer.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the use of the FullBucket Foal Probiotic. Please contact your distributor representative for ordering or more information. And remember, Our pledge is that for every FullBucket you buy, we give one to an animal in need.

Be Good & Do Good!

Dr. Rob Franklin –