FullBucket Equine GI Disease Products

PROBIOTIC Granules (Daily Use)

Used for chronic patients with colic, colitis and GI distress.

• Probiotic - Highest concentration of S. boulardii - 50 Billion CFUs
• Prebiotics to feed the good microbes. L-Glutamine for stomach lining health. WHO IT’S FOR:
• High-Risk Horses, Oral Antibiotic, Chronic GI Problems, Senior Horses

FLAVORS: Rice Bran, Real Alfalfa

14-serving (466 gm Tub),
30-serving (1 kg Tub),
150-serving (5 kg Bucket)

PROBIOTIC Paste (Critical Care)

• Fights diarrhea from pathogens and GI distress
• Fast acting paste is easy to administer in clinic.
• Highest concentration in U.S. - It takes 333 Tubes on the closest competitor to equal 1 FullBucket.

ANTI-DIARRHEA Drench (Veterinary Formula)

• Emergency use for severe diarrhea
• 6-ingredients in one treatment.

ANTI-DIARRHEA Paste (Veterinary Formula)

• Emergency use for severe diarrhea
• 6-ingredients in one treatment.
• Easy-to-use paste for young animals.


• Highest concentration in US
• Protect the mouth & gut from pathogens in the stall
• Easy-to-use syringe

FOAL PROBIOTIC Paste (Day 2 - 30)

• Combats diarrhea caused by pathogens, milk sugars & stress
• Provides best source and quantity of probiotics
• Only product of it’s kind in the U.S.



MEDICAL MUSCLE (Super Antioxidant)

• 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C as an antioxidant
• Reduces instances of chronic Rhabdomyolysis or RER
• Helps extend muscle duration.




All of our products can be purchased through: • MWI Vet Supply • Henry Schein • Patterson Equine Veterinary Supply
(Scroll Down To Watch Rob Franklin Explain the Products & Usage)

There is a lot of misleading information about horse supplements especially in the probiotic category. We formulated our products based on the most recent, proven research available - not hype or hearsay. Not everyone needs to supplement, but when you do, you should really know the facts. Scroll down and watch the short videos about what makes our supplements special and who needs to use them. We may not have the slickest marketing in the animal supplement business, but we do everything from the heart and with the horse in mind.


1. PROBIOTIC GRANULES (Daily Use) - 50 Billion CFUs per dose

14-Day Supply 30-Day Supply 150-Day Supply Any horse that is not on good pasture every day could become susceptible to disturbances in the hind gut because of a lack of good microbes being introduced to the digestive system. If your horse is on good pasture and healthy there should be no need for supplementation. Horses that need to be on a FullBucket Daily Granule are: 1. High-Performance, High-Use (Horses in training) 2. Horses with a history for colic 3. Horses being hauled 4. Horses being stalled or pastured in areas with poor grass 5. Horses on high protein or carbohydrate feed 6. Horses exposed to antibiotics


2. PROBIOTIC PASTE (Urgent Care) - 100 Billion CFUs per dose.

If your horse is showing any signs of loose or runny stool, our paste is the tool to reach for. This was developed for emergency situations and used primarily by equine veterinarians all over the US. This is perfect for: 1. Horses showing signs of Colic 2. Horses with loose or runny stool (Diarrhea)

3. Horses under major stress

4. Young, health foals that have been exposed to stress or antibiotics

FOAL KICK START (Day 1) -FIVE Essential egg derived immunoglobulins

Foals are ultrasensative to bad pathogens that can propagate in their underdeveloped immune system. They start off with a sterile digestive tract and then begin to add microbes. Why Foals Need Kick Start on Day 1: 1. Combats GI Disease caused by: Salmonella Rotavirus E. Coli Clostridium Lawsonia Coronavirus 2. Provides antibodies from hyperimmunized eggs 3. Reduce the risk of sepsis, joint ill and diarrhea Why Top Internists in the World Use Kick Start: 1. High risk foaling environments: hospitals, breeding farms, disease outbreaks 2. Valuable and/or weak foals 3. Minimize complications after dystocia

CRITICAL CARE FOAL PROBIOTIC (Urgent Care) -40 Billion CFUs L. rhamnosis & 20 Billion CFUs S. boulardii

ANTI-DIARRHEA DRENCH & PASTE (Urgent Care) - 40 Billion CFUs L. rhamnosis & 20 Billion CFUs S. boulardii

ACUTE COLITIS This horse is in trouble and needs immediate attention. Get rid of the endotoxins, resupply the electrolytes and repopulate the intestinal tract with good microbes.

IMPENDING COLITIS This horse has quit eating, has a fever, leukopenia, endotoxemia, depression, watery gut sounds…but the diarrhea has yet to show up. POST-OP With the stress of surgery and use of antibiotics, this horse may show signs of GI disease, especially with hindgut colic surgery patients. WHEN TO REPEAT Administer at full strength daily while GI disease is present.

WHY VETERINARIANS USE OUR ANTI-DIARRHEA DRENCH: 1. Bio-adsorbent clay Binds and removes toxins. Unlike products with sponge type characteristics which swell and keep toxins in the system. 2. Egg derived immunoglobulins Proteins used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. 3. Probiotic Re-establishes “good” microbes in the gut. S. boulardii specific activity suppresses C. difficile, Salmonella and Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea. 4. Electrolytes Chelated for quick absorption and to kick-start the rehydration process. 5. Prebiotic (MOS) We add a HUGE dose to signal the immune system and escort pathogens from the system. 6. L-Glutamine Feeds the gut when the horse is not healthy.