Micro-Encapsulation is Armor For Probiotics Let’s pretend you’re a tiny warrior that’s been sent into the mouth of a horse (full of acids & bacteria) and expected to reach the Hind Gut (80+ feet away).

On the route you have to navigate the acids of the stomach (4 gallons) and a 70-foot minefield called the Small Intestine. And that’s not to mention the snipers and kamikaze enemies we call moisture and temperature.

Once you reach the destination, you have to fight trillions of bad guys who have unlawfully taken over. You do this to give the good citizens (MicroFlora) their rightful territory back.

Actually this might make a good video game…

However, this battle scene actually happens when we send nutritional supplements, such as probiotics, down into a horse.

Now, probiotics are a weapon in and of themselves, but they need armor to help them achieve their end goal of reaching the hindgut and taking the territory back from unwanted pathogens.

So, we gave them armor and we call it “micro-encapsulation.” (I wanted to call it Acid Arrrrrrrmor! But I was outvoted by the Docs.)

We are the very FIRST animal nutrition supplement company to protect our little warriors with micro-encapsulation. Just look for the encapsulation image on our packaging...

Now we have TWO strategic tactics for fighting the battle of the bugs - Concentration AND Acid Arrrrrmor! (OK micro-encapsulation).

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

From years of experience and work, Dr. Rob and Dr. Keith know that what’s on the package isn’t always what’s in the product.

Because our reputation is all we have, we wanted to be sure of our claims so we sent the probiotic warriors into an independent lab and had them tested for efficacy. The results came back higher than pre-determined expectations and way above standard tolerances. Nice!

The Importance of Balanced MicroFlora

Scientists are learning more about microbes and the important roles they play in our health both physically and mentally. The body’s microflora actually outnumber the body’s cells 10 to 1. UCLA recently conducted a study on humans that associated probiotics (good microbes) with improved brain functions and lowered stress.

Send In The Warriors

So the next time you’ve got a patient that is showing signs of GI upset or outright disease, grab a FullBucket Probiotic and send in the warriors!