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  1. Medical Muscle (Super Antioxidant)

    Medical Muscle (Performance Antioxidant)

    From: $203.20
    If you're horse isn't recovering from training quickly or if you're wanting the muscle stamina to last longer, you might want to try MM for 30 - 45 days.

    Medical Muscle is a unique formula that contains Astaxanthin - a Super Antioxidant that is 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

    60-Servings Learn More

  2. Foal Kit (1 Kick Start & 6 Foal Probiotic)

    Foal Kit (1 Kick Start & 6 Foal Probiotic)

    The Foal Kit was put together for owners of mares and breeding operations that need to get a head start on GI Disease outbreaks BEFORE they start. It’s a 7-Day prevention plan in a box. The Foal Kit also comes with the new Foaling Indicator Strips and a Foaling Information card. Learn More
  3. Athletic Formula

    Athletic Formula (Performance Probiotics & Enzymes)

    From: $121.50
    After years of looking for a magical elixir of vitamins, minerals and missing ingredients to add to a high-end performance horse diet, we find - it's not needed!

    After scrutinizing everything, we found that it is a lack of EFFICIENCY that is holding horses back from reaching and maintaining their peak performance - not their diets.

    Athletic Formula is a super-charged, fuel additive for your race car. It delivers maximum efficiency to your horse’s engine and allows them to utilize all of the nutrients in your feed.

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  4. Equine Probiotic Pellets (50-billion/Serving)

    Equine Probiotic Pellets (50-billion/Serving)

    From: $64.00

    FullBucket's Veterinary Strength Equine Probiotic Pellets are the most concentrated and palatable pelleted equine probiotic available. Naturally support your horse’s digestive and immune systems with 50-Billion cfu’s of microencapsulated Saccharomyces boulardii, Prebiotics and L-glutamine in every scoop. Dr. Rob Franklin and Dr. Keith Latson formulated these probiotic pellets for use in their athletic and clinical equine patients.

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  5. Equine Probiotic Paste (100-billion/serving)

    Equine Probiotic Paste (100-billion/serving)

    From: $28.99
    10-Pack ($16.00 ea.)

    FullBucket Equine Probiotic Paste is our most concentrated URGENT CARE product to be used when horses show signs of digestive stress, are entering intensive training, are trailering a long distance or are on antibiotics. This Equine Probiotic Paste will get your horse back on track quickly. If problems persist, make sure you seek advice from a veterinarian.
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  6. Foal Kick Start (Day 1)

    Foal Kick Start (Day 1)

    FullBucket Foal Kick Start is for the all-important first 24-Hours of life. Foal Kick Start Paste contains Egg Immunoglobulins. These are derived from hens vaccinated against: Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium, Rotavirus, Coronavirus & Lawsonia. This product has not been evaluated by the USDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Learn More
  7. Foal Probiotic (Day 2 - 30)

    Foal Probiotic (Day 2 - 30)

    From: $28.99
    10-Pack ($20.00 ea.)

    Foal Probiotic Paste helps support a healthy GI tract in foals which is important when they are challenged by Salmonella, Rotavirus, E. coli and Clostridium. It provides egg immunoglobulins IgY from hyper immunized eggs and helps digestion by breaking down milk sugars with lactase enzyme. Foal Probiotic Paste provides best source and quantity of probiotics - not found in combination in any other product.
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  8. Anti-Diarrhea Drench Paste (Urgent Care)

    Anti-Diarrhea Drench Paste (Urgent Care)

    From: $24.99

    FullBucket’s Anti-Diarrhea Drench Paste is a revolutionary clinical product! Veterinarians used to reach for an armada of anti-diarrhea treatments when addressing sick horses with severe diarrhea. Now they have ONE very effective product that contains all the actives to help.

    Learn More
  9. Foal Indicator Strips

    Foal Indicator Strips

    Knowing when a mare will foal is a great way to help prepare. There are several new technologies available but not many are as low-tech and simple to use as these little babies. The FullBucket pH Foaling Indicator Strips (FIS) provide a very clever way of determining how close your mare is to foaling. Learn More

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