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How does the horse digestive system work?

December, 2020 \ by Brittany Silvers

Horses are like magical unicorns, and no, not because of their majestic movement and beauty. Horses have a very special digestive system that differs from most other animals on the...

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How Do I Right the Ship?

April, 2020 \ by Amanda Bradbery, Ph.D. Collaborator

Key Takeaways You'll Get All horses need pre- and probiotics. Feed changes, antibiotics, travel, disease, analgesics, anesthesia—even stress—are unavoidable in the domesticated animal and can overload and capsize the boat...

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The 39 Minute Racehorse Secret

August, 2019 \ by Robo Hendrickson

Imagine witnessing your performance horse’s capabilities increase with just a couple of simple changes to the way you care and feed. The simplicity will blow your mind the first time....

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