Exploring the benefits of L-glutamine for horses

June, 2021 \ by Casie Bazay

When it comes to reading labels on horse feed and supplements, L-glutamine is an ingredient that performance horse owners may automatically skip over in favor of better known ingredients such...

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Connecting gut health and insulin resistance in horses

February, 2021 \ by Sophie Dorsch

On a personal note, this subject is particularly important to me because I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to care for insulin resistant horses on nutritional research...

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The digestive supplements for horses that really count

January, 2021 \ by Sophie Dorsch

Shopping for horse gut health supplements can be an interesting process. Given how many options and formulas there are on the market, decision fatigue can quickly kick in and make...

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An Owner’s Guide to Horse Gut Sounds

September, 2020 \ by Casie Bazay

For as strong and stoic as horses are, their GI systems seem somewhat delicate. After all, it doesn’t take much to cause a problem in that department. Colic, diarrhea, hindgut...

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How proper pasture management impacts gut health for horses

July, 2020 \ by Casie Bazay Collaborator

If your idea of the perfect horse pasture consists of neatly-mown bermudagrass and carefully-pruned hedges, you’re likely not alone. After all, this is what we often see in equine magazines...

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Proof is in the Przewalski

June, 2020 \ by Emily Dickson Collaborator

Key Takeaways:  Horse domestication puts our beloved animals at a distinct gut health disadvantage.  New research regarding gut microbiome diversity in Przewalski’s wild horse shows that domesticated horses have much-less-diverse...

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