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Hello, I'm doctor Rob Franklin. I'm a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist and have been diagnosing & treating dog illness and disease for over 15 years.

I’m very proud of our Dog Probiotic Paste used to support your dog's digestive system when they are showing signs of GI upset or disease.

This was the first dog product developed here at FullBucket and was formulated with the world's most researched and tested probiotic strain - Saccharomyces boulardii. A friendly, Yeast strain that can be safely used with antibiotics and does not linger in the system.

Probiotic use by veterinarians & educated dog owners is growing fast as a better, more safe alternative to fight all kinds of GI issues.

  • Diarrhea,
  • Gas,
  • Constipation,
  • Bloating
  • IBS
  • Pancreatitis
  • Stress or Garbage Gut

But the market is FLOODED with mis-information and products of poor quality.

That’s why FullBucket formulated the most impactful blend of ingredients in our Canine Probiotic Paste.

We wanted to design and create a powerful product that not only delivers the important effects of probiotic but also provides additional digestive benefits from other ingredients to address the "cause" instead of cover the symptoms.

  • Probiotic 
  • Prebiotic
  • Four Digestive Enzymes
  • L-Glutamine
  • Natural Vitamin E

Recent scientific research has revealed that 70% - 80% of all disease starts in the GI tract.


    1. The most proven ingredients,
    2. From the best sources,
    3. In the highest concentrations...



  • Adult Dogs: 1 Scoop, on food, with each meal or as directed by veterinarian.
  • Puppies: 1/4 Scoop, on food, with each meal or as directed by veterinarian.

Ingredient One: Probiotic (The National Guard of probiotics)
Sacchromyces boulardii, is the most peer-reviewed, clinically researched probiotic in the world. This particular strain of probiotic combats bad microbes and pathogens.

As a yeast strain, it is the most safe and effective strain of probiotic as it does NOT colonize (TAKE OVER) in the gut and can be given with antibiotics or other medications with no side effects. It is a powerful agent to return order while your dog’s own Flora has a chance to recover from stress.

Scientists are learning more about the microbial mixture in the dog gut everyday. We know that every dog's mixture (Flora) is unique. We know that there are trillions of microbes (more than cells in the body.). We know that it is the most responsible aspect for disease prevention in the body. (70% - 80% of disease starts in the GI tract.)

We want the natural microbial mixture to benefit the dog in the most holistic way. S. boulardii does this with efficiency.

We are the only micro-encapsulated form of probiotic available. Micro-encapsulation ensures that the lyophilized probiotic makes it past the saliva, heat, moisture and digestive juices in tact and ready to do the job.

Ingredient Two: Prebiotic (Feed The Troops!)
The second ingredient, a unique mixture of Mannan-oligosaccharide (prebiotic), helps feed the good microbes and gives them a chance to repopulate.

Your dog’s own microbial Flora is under attack at all times.

Food changes, lack of outdoor time, travel, training and apartment lockup is all stress factors that affect this important mixture.

The prebiotic helps feed the good soldiers allowing them to return to duty. 

Ingredient Three: Four Digestive Enzymes (The Long Lost Ingredients)
Today’s dog struggles with a shortage of enzymes. Evolution & dramatic changes in diet have depleted the amount and variety of enzymes your dog has to digest food properly.

A lack of enzymes can cause food to go undigested food to pass through without extracting the necessary nutrients your dog requires for healthy living.

The four essential dog digestive enzymes in Dog Probiotic Paste:

  • Protease – breaks down & digest proteins
  • Amylase – breaks down & digest carbohydrates and starches
  • Lipase – breaks down & digests fat
  • Cellulase – breaks down fibers

Ingredient Four: L-Glutamine (Heal the Stomach Lining)
When your dog's digestive system is under stress, it can cause the lining of the stomach to inflame. This decreases their body's ability to extract essential nutrients from food.

And guess what, it needs those to make L-Glutamine. If the cycle continues, you have colitis on your hands - inflammation of the intestinal wall. 


All FullBucket Products
Are Best-In-Class:

  • 100% All-Natural Ingredients - Scientifically proven to be effective & safe.
  • Super Concentrated - We cut no corners and deliver the perfect concentration proven by scientific evidence to be effective.
  • Highest Quality Ingredients - We ONLY source from the very best sources made in the USA.
  • Yeast Strain Probiotic - S. boulardii is the most researched probiotic in the world proven to support the immune system and can be used along with antibiotics - unlike bacterial strains.
  • Micro-Encapsulated Probiotic - Protects the probiotic from heat, moisture & digestive juices in the mouth and throat.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Lab Tested - We use a 3rd party laboratories to test each level and quality of ingredient to ensure what you pay for is what you get.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee - If you're not completely satisfied with your products effectiveness, we'll refund all of your money.

The First One-4-One,
Giving Back Business

FullBucket was founded by Dr. Keith Latson, Dr. Rob Franklin and Robo Hendrickson who wanted to share their successful formulas with their friends and vet colleagues. From day one, they knew they wanted to give back to those they serve by building the first One-4-One Giving program in all of animal healthcare.

For Every Serving of FullBucket You Buy, We Give One to Animals in Need.

FullBucket's purpose is to help every animal in need and that help starts with you - our valued customer and friend.

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The Greatness Guarantee

You Must Be Thrilled! Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure that you'll love our FullBucket Veterinary Strength GI Supplements, we protect you with our Unconditional 365-day “You Must Be Thrilled!” Money-Back OR Product Exchange Guarantee. We want you to have plenty of time to experience and benefit from our products so you can discover for yourself how great they will make your dog feel.

If you're not happy with your results, simply notify us up to one full year after purchase by calling (855) 792-7872 or visiting our contact page and we'll let you know right away how to return the unused portion for a 100% refund OR a complete product exchange. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through.

We understand many people are skeptical when they hear what a new product might do for their animals. Realizing this, we decided to offer our “You Must Be Thrilled!” Money-Back Guarantee program so that every animal owner would get the opportunity to experience the same health benefits our satisfied customers have already enjoyed, with no worries!